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AEPI - The Army Environmental Policy Institute develops policy options and
recommendations to better integrate environment with the Army mission.

The Environmental Security Technology Certification Program (
ESTCP) is a
corporate Department of Defense (DOD) program that promotes innovative,
cost effective environmental technologies through demonstration and validation
at DOD sites. The ESTCP website provides some information on UXO

SERDP - The Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program
identifies, develops, and transitions environmental technologies that relate
directly to defense mission accomplishment.

USAEC - The US Army Environmental Center (USAEC) integrates, coordinates
and oversees implementation of the Army’s Environmental Programs for the
Army Staff. The USAEC is able to provide unexploded ordnance (UXO)
technology methodology and information to help those in need of UXO technical

Professional Organizations

AEODS has ties with the following professional organizations:

ASSE - The American Society of Safety Engineers is the oldest and largest
professional safety organization. It's 33,000 members manage, supervise and
consult on safety, health, and environmental issues in industry, insurance,
government and education.

BCSP - The Board of Certified Safety Professionals is a peer certification board
with the purpose of certifying practitioners in the safety profession. The specific
functions of the Board, are to evaluate the academic and professional
experience qualifications of safety professionals, to administer examinations,
and to issue certificates of qualification to those professionals who meet the
Board's criteria and successfully pass its examinations.

ISEE - The International Society of Explosives Engineers is a professional
society dedicated to promoting the safe and controlled use of explosives in
mining, quarrying, construction, manufacturing, forestry, and many other
commercial pursuits. The Society is recognized as a world leader in providing
explosives technology and education, and promoting public understanding of
the benefits of explosives.

NAOC - The National Association of OEW Contractors represents and promotes
the interests of its members and the public in all aspects of Ordnance and
Explosive Waste (OEW) remediation projects.

NREP - The mission of the National Registry of Environmental Professionals is
to promote legal and professional recognition of individuals possessing
education, training and experience as environmental managers, engineers,
technologists, scientists and technicians.

SAME - The Society of American Military Engineers is a non-profit professional
engineer association. SAME brings together professional engineers and those
in engineering-related fields in order to improve and increase the engineering
capabilities of the nation and to exchange and advance the knowledge of
engineering technologies, applications, and practices.

Other Links
The following list includes other UXO-related links:

EOD Memorial is dedicated to those who gave their lives in the
performance of EOD duties while a member of the U.S. Armed Forces.
Applications for the EOD Memorial Scholarship can be found on this site.

UXO is a problem throughout the world. The
UXO LAO website details the scope
of the UXO problem in Laos.

The Center for Public Environmental Oversight (CPEO) promotes and facilitates
public participation in the oversight of environmental activities of federal
facilities, private "Superfund" sites, and Brownfields. The CPEO site also has a
number of links and resources, some which pertiain to the UXO industry.
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